Give away a gift voucher of The X-Door

Are you looking for unique gifts? Would you like to surprise your partner, friends, family, work colleagues … with a present that is different and that they do not expect?.

Do not hesitate and give away a voucher to play at The X-Door Valencia, the most surprising and fun entertainment option in Valencia. The gift voucher is a winner because everybody likes The X-Door.

How? All you have to do is fill out the following form. We will send you an email with instructions on payment, and when it is made you will receive the gift voucher that you can give to whomever you wish. The gift voucher is a PDF with a code that the lucky person can use to book the date and time he/she wishes to come and play at The X-Door.


  • Located at Literato Gabriel Miró 25, ground floor
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Price gift voucher depending on number of players:
    • Voucher 2 people: 60€
    • Voucher 3 people: 69€
    • Voucher 4 people: 76€
    • Voucher 5 people: 85€
    • Voucher 6 people: 90€
  • This voucher is valid for all the new games active in 2018
  • There will be no money refunds if a player who has already  paid for the voucher comes to the game with a team of less people than those included in the voucher.
  • In the case of teams with more players than those included in the voucher, the customer must pay the price difference.


If you wish to give away The X-Door as a gift in a different and unique format, we offer you the option of bottling the voucher in one of our glass bottles of exclusive design, for only 10€ extra on the price of the voucher you wish to buy.

  • 3 designs to choose from
  • Sold exclusively at our premises of c/Litrerato Gabriel Miró 25, ground floor (Juan Llorens district).
  • Limited stocks
  • Ring us before you come at (+34) 678 601 647 to confirm availability.

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